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Wireless Point to Point Link Kit – Up to 10km

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Wireless Point to Point Kit incuding 2 Sextant 18dBi 5GHz antennas with a built in RB911G routers. Up to 10 KM range for wifi networking.

195.00 Exc. VAT


This is a pre-configured point-to-point kit…..simply point the units at each other, plug in both sides and the link is established.

Can be used to link 2 buildings together to extend a network.

The SEXTANT is a 18dBi 5GHz antenna with a built in RB911G router. It has two polarizations to give you all benefits of 2×2 MIMO in 802.11n.

Inside is the high power RB911 dual chain wireless device, with high performance, high output power, and a Gigabit Ethernet port, to fully utilize the benefit of 802.11n high speed wireless.

Easy to use and quick to deploy, SEXTANT is ideal for point to point links.

Package contains:

  • 2x mounting kits
  • 2x PoE injectors
  • 2x power adapters (EU)




The RouterBOARD SEXTANT G comes as a complete set, and includes a built in 802.11n dual chain wireless device, and a dual polarization 18dBi antenna. It has one Gigabit Ethernet connector which supports MDI-X auto detection. The package includes the SEXTANT G device, a power adapter, a Gigabit PoE injector and two hose clamps.
First use
1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the port behind the small plastic door
2. The SEXTANT G accepts 24V Passive PoE from a Gigabit PoE injector
3. The default IP address from LAN is for configuration
4. Username is admin and there is no password
The board accepts powering from the Ethernet port (Passive PoE) 8-30V DC. Package contains a 24V adapter. Maximum power consumption
of the device is 7W.
Booting process
Initial connection has to be done via the Ethernet cable. Open in your web browser, and choose “Webfig” for browser based configuration or “Winbox” for a Windows utility with the same functions. Username is admin and there is no password. In case IP connection is not available, Winbox can be used to connect to the MAC address of the device. In case you wish to boot the device from network, for example to use MikroTik Netinstall, hold the RESET button of the device when starting it until the LED light turns off, and Metal will start to look for Netinstall servers.
With the clip pointed forward, slide the mounting bracket into the rail on the bottom of the case, until the clip clicks into place. The device comes bundled with a hose clamp – guide the clamp through the opening in the bracket and around the pole where it will be mounted.

Tighten the hose clamp screw when alignment is complete. Two screw holes are provided as additional security against accidental bracket movement.

The device has a sliding door, behind which the Ethernet port, and the reset jumpers are located. This door can be also secured shut with a screw in the provided screw hole. Built in antenna is connected as follows: chain0 = horizontal polarization, chain1 = vertical polarization.
Buttons and Jumpers
• RouterOS reset jumper hole (access through the plastic door) – resets RouterOS software to defaults. Must short circuit
the metallic sides of the hole (with a screwdriver, for example) and boot the device. Hold screwdriver in place
until RouterOS configuration is cleared.
• RouterBOOT reset button (access through the plastic door) has two functions:

Hold this button during boot time until LED light starts flashing, release the button to reset RouterOS configuration (same result as with reset hole) Hold this button during boot time longer, until LED turns off, and then release it to make the device look for Netinstall servers.



Product codeRBSEXTANTG-5HPnD
CPU core count1
CPU nominal frequency600 MHz
DimensionsØ250mm, height 90mm, 830g
License level3
Operating SystemRouterOS
Size of RAM64 MB
Storage size64 MB
Storage typeNAND
Tested ambient temperature-40°C to 70°C
Suggested price$110.00


PoE inPassive PoE
PoE in input Voltage10-28 V
Number of DC inputs1 (PoE-IN)
Max power consumption13.8 W


Wireless 5 GHz number of chains2
Antenna gain dBi for 5 GHz18


10/100/1000 Ethernet ports1

Wireless specifications

5 GHzTransmit (dBm)Receive Sensitivity

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