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Fast, Professional Network and Wifi Installation Services covering all of Ireland.

Case Studies

Maints has been providing network services to customers for over 10 years, starting with providing rural broadband services when there were fewer options available for people with homes or businesses in the countryside.

We offer total network installation services for wifi and wired networks in homes, businesses and multi-building locations that are designed to meet the needs of our customers in the most cost-effective manner.

Whatever your needs are, Maints has the know-how and experience to provide you with the the best network at the best price.

repeater installation

Mobile Phone Booster Installation for Chauffeur Business

In  Cong, County Mayo we installed a legal* mobile phone booster for a chauffeur business. They had poor phone coverage inside and were missing calls and thus losing business. We installed an outdoor antenna on the roof and an indoor amplifier and antenna .  Now, there's great coverage indoors and no more missed calls.* We only install legal boosters which are made here in Ireland (
network switch and rack

Estate Housing Offices

The offices of an estate had a fibre link to a main broadband router that needed replacing due to a faulty 3Com network switch that failed due to power outages. We replaced the switch and fibre patch leads with more modern equipment and got the offices back online again and functioning at a higher level than previously.
Farm Wireless Network

Wireless Networks for Farms

We service a lot of rural areas and work with farmers on a regular basis. It is often important for farmers, family and employees to be able to communicate across several acres of property without fear of interruptions or poor connectivity. In this case, the main garage and barn had broadband and wifi installed but the office needed broadband as well. We were able to solve the problem cost-effectively by designing and installing a short-range wireless link.
mobile repeaters and antenna

Mobile Phone Repeaters

Sometimes mobile phone coverage can be unreliable which can result in lost business and lower efficiency for companies. A Galway company had poor mobile phone coverage in their offices. We installed a legal mobile phone repeater which consisted of an external aerial and an internal amplifier to insure that the staff always has clear access to mobile networks for computers, tablets and phones.
school campus wifi services

School WiFi Network

We have installed WiFi Networks for schools as well as businesses and homes. Education now is dependent on good computer connections and services as well as online connectivity. We installed a WiFi system to cover an entire campus and service all of the student and teacher tablets, laptops and computers. A number of WiFi Access Points were installed and connected to the school broadband router, providing total coverage across the campus.
large scale remote network

Large Scale Remote Network

A large waste and recycling company with many rural and remote offices needed all of their facilities linked together. Fibre or reliable broadband was not available at mostlocations so the solution was to link the offices wirelessly. Some of these wireless links are up to 50 km in length. We designed and built the wireless network across Munster, providing reliable network connectivity for this company.

Outdoor Fibre Links

Fibre Links Between Buildings

A company in Killarney, needed to link 2 buildings which were 200 metres apart. In the past a wireless link provided the link, but trees had grown and made the link unusable. We worked with the company and the solution was to run a fibre link between the 2 buildings. Ducting was put in place and we ran the fibre cable in the ducting and linked up the networks at both buildings.

home network before and after

Home Network

The Problem:

A large house had a lot of cables that were run around the house and brought back to one point in a  utility/office  room. Cat5e (network) and RG6 (coax) were run but were never terminated properly. Some of these cables were used to feed satellite to a couple of TV's but most were left unterminated. The wifi in the house was supplied by the one wifi router. This had limited coverage and a large portion of the house had poor wifi coverage. Also, a gym was being constructed in the garage and wifi would be needed here also.

The Solution:

First, all the cables were terminated into patch panels...the cat5e onto a couple of network patch panels and the coax cables onto their own panel. As there was limited space in the press, we had to use 2 small cabinets to fit into the space. We used one cabinet for all network devices and the second cabinet for all the coax (TV) devices including skybox, amplifiers and splitters.

With all cables neatly and clearly terminated, its very easy to use the cables for a large number of requirements, e.g. sound systems, smart homes, automation, wifi etc.

home network excellenceTo improve the wifi coverage around the house, we installed a number of small wifi Access points. These were mounted on the walls as the cables had been run to these points. This provided a very neat solution and a solution which gave full wifi coverage around the house.

To get wifi out to the garage, we used a pair of small wireless units to transmit the wifi signal. In the garage we installed a standard wifi router to provide the coverage.

The house now has complete coverage even in the remote areas with full functionality for all linked and wifi applications