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Fast, Professional Network and Wifi Installation Services covering all of Ireland.


Network Solutions for Homes and Businesses

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Indoor & Outdoor Connectivity

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Homes, Farms, Schools, B&Bs, Small Businesses

Wifi is no longer a luxury, a good wifi network at home and work is now a necessity.  We specialize in installing and servicing wifi networks for homes and businesses.  Whether you want signal boosters, mobile phone boosters, a complete network or upgrades to your existing network, we can help. Serving Munster and Connaught for over 15 years, we provide professional, friendly service at great prices.

Your wifi network quality can make a big difference in your life.  We can help you make the most of your wifi and help you get rid of dead zones and bad signals.  If you have equipment that isn't working as expected or you need new equipment to improve your wifi connections, we are here to help.

Robust Product Options

Based on years of experience in building home and business networks, our team rigorously tests all equipment that we sell.

Services and Support

Our experienced team can help you install and plan your network so you get the most out of your network whether it is at home or in your business.

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