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Fast, Professional Network and Wifi Installation Services covering all of Ireland.

Home Networks That Simply Work

Networks are a fact of life today.  At home, in the office, or just out and about, we all rely on networks to keep us in touch and up to date.  Our networks at home are increasingly more complex, including wifi, Ethernet, printers, computers, tablets, phones and smart home devices.  Most devices today will not work properly unless they are networked correctly.  Getting a home network to run smoothly can sometimes be a real challenge, especially if you are not technical by nature.  If you need a reliable home network, Maints can help.

Home Network Configuration

We will come to your home, test all your devices and set you up with a home network that will meet your needs.  We are happy to also offer you support and advice regarding what products will work for you if you are looking for alternatives to your existing system. We'll make sure your home network covers all the areas you need to have covered including garages, attics, and even outbuildings.

We have extensive experience setting up rural networks and working in settings where it is not always easy to get the kind of signal you need.

We will assess your situation and provide you with an efficient, cost-effective network that meets your specific needs.


WiFi Network Setup

WiFi is the go-to for most home and business networks today.  Face it, most of us today are lost without our WiFi.  At Maints, we help you get your WiFi network set up correctly.  We help you avoid the problems associated with bad WiFi planning and connectivity.

If you have ever experienced the problems with WiFi signal coming and going depending on where you are in the house, or not getting enough signal to your smart devices, we can help.

We'll look at your home and your specific requiremens  and let you know exactly what you need to have a network that works for you and your family.



Signal Extension with WiFi Booster, Repeater & Amplifier Installations

Having a basic network is a start but most homes have places where it’s almost impossible to get reception.  Walls are often constructed of stone or concrete, blocking the signal, certain rooms are out of the range of the basic switch or router, or the property includes a garage, detached buildings or solariums.  Upgrading existing equipment or setting up WiFi boosters, routers and amplifiers in strategic places can take care of this problem.

With the right network strategy you can have WiFi wherever you need it.  Maints can install the right equipment in the right places to insure that your whole household has the coverage you need.

WiFi Connection Troubleshooting

WiFi is great when it works, but when it your devices won’t stay connected, it can be a nightmare.  Sometimes devices simply drop their connections or the router resets on a regular basis.  Maybe your wireless connection is slower than it used to be or the signal comes and goes on a regular basis.  We are able to diagnose the problem, figure out what is causing it, and come up with a solution that will work for you.

A Network That Works For You

Most home tech devices today work best when they can communicate with each other.  The typical home network today might include any or all of the following:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Phones
  • Printers
  • Televisions
  • Stereo Systems
  • Certain Home Appliances
  • Broadband and WiFi Equipment

It can be daunting to figure out where problems originate and one piece of equipment not communicating properly can be frustrating in the extreme.  We help you make the most of technology so your home network meets your needs.

A Few of the Reasons to Get Help With Your Network

  • You can’t get your TV to connect to your smartphone
  • You’re tired of having to manage multiple remote control devices
  • Your WiFi is unpredictable or patchy
  • You want to get all your shared files on a network
  • You want each member of your family to have access to specific devices and resources
  • You have a home theatre network that is unwieldy to operate
  • You have a printer that everyone needs to use but drops off on a regular basis
  • You want more parental control over your network


A Network That Simply Works

If technology is frustrating you more than helping you, we can help.  A well designed home network makes all of your devices easier to manage – computers, music, TV, cable, satellite, lighting, climate control, and home security can all be enhanced through good network design.

We provide home networks that simply work.  If necessary, we will run Ethernet cables for you to increase your network power, we will also help you get rid of those pesky wires under control.  We will terminate everything in one place for easy access and easy diagnosis of problems.

We optimize the performance of your existing routers and modem and install networks that insure signal reaches every part of your home.  We network your devices and get them all working as they should so you can spend time doing the things you love instead of dealing with network problems.